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Guide's Targeted Fish Species In December

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A MarCeeJay Sport Fishing Fishing Charter targets the top Montauk Fish species including Black Sea Bass (Also Called Sea Bass  ), Bluefish (Also Called Elf, Tailor, Shad), Common Dolphinfish (Also Called Dolphin, Dolphinfish, Common Dolphin, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Dourade  ), Squeteague (Also Called Bastard Trout, Bastard Weakfish, Chickwick, Common Weakfish, Gray Squwteague, Grey Trout, Grey Weakfish), Striped Bass (Also Called Striper, Linesider, Rockfish  ), White Marlin  (Also Called Atlantic White Marlin, Skilligalee, Marlin  ), Yellowfin Tuna  (Also Called Ahi), Bluefin Tuna  (Also Called Atlantic Bluefin Tuna).
We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound, Gardiners Bay, Black Island Sound, Long Island, Elwood, East Hampton, South Hampton, Long Beach, Smithtown Bay,. Sandy Hook Bay